Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Baby Bunting Banner

Hey guys!

We will be welcoming our first baby girl, Madeline, within the next couple weeks and could not be more excited. Do you want to know what was not exciting? Trying to figure out what sort of art/decor to hang above her crib. See, we are renting right now so a major re-do of the room wasn't possible regardless of our budget. Also, she is sharing a room with her older half-sister so the whole room can't be dedicated as an actual nursery. Trying to find baby decor that will also look tasteful in a 10 year old's room isn't exactly a walk in the park. We received our first piece of decor at the baby shower when one of my mom's co-workers made Madeline this gorgeous deco-mesh wreath.

Isn't this adorable? It has little rattles, rubber duckies, and clothes pins mixed in among everything. I just love everything about it. So with this being the focal point, I tried to find artwork inspiration that I could  make to go around it. Nothing turned out how I wanted it to, but hey - that's the curse nature of DIY. 

That's when I started noticing all of the bunting banners that were popping up around the interwebs. A lightbulb just went off in my head. "Hey! I could get really cute fabric and make one of these with Madeline's name on it!" I thought it was a brilliant idea, but I JUST learned how to sew. Like, the first time I had ever used a sewing machine was in July. Ambition and spontaneity took hold and I went out and choose some fabric bundles and bias tape. Next thing I know, I'm cutting and pinning and sewing my heart out. The end product could not have turned out better. 

I wish I had taken more pictures of the process to share with y'all, but my hands were always a couple steps ahead of my mind with this project. However, Laurel over at Laurel Lane was the one that truly inspired this whole project. She explains everything beautifully in this post. You should definitely head over there to see the how-to. Next time I make something like this, I will hopefully be able to be as thorough with pictures and explanations as she is.

This is a sewing project that anyone can do. Not all of my seams are straight, especially when I sewed the flags to the bias tape, but that adds to the charm of this banner. I promise, if I can do it, so can you!

Happy crafting!


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